The main objective for us now while raising funds for Zolgensma is to prevent irreversible damage to Shasha’s body. With spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) joints are extremely vulnerable. We need to immobilize lower limbs joint and keep them in the proper position to prevent deformation

Orthoses are #totherescue the casted specially for Shasha. So at least she can imitate walking with orthoses he can imagine himself healthy. But of course it’s just an illusion.

He can see other children run around the playground. He can’t just understand why he can’t join them to do that.

Shasha needs treatment with zolgensma to defeat SMA. It needs to be administered AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.. before his muscles are irreversibly atrophied. Please He is not covered by insurance..
kindly show him some love and a little help for a big cause
  • Maria


    I wish you all the best! have fun

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