Animal Rescue Funds


Does your local shelter need a little extra help housing and caring for your neighborhood’s four-legged friends?
If so, you can start Bekindfoundation to help them!


Having a sick pet can be heartbreaking. All you want is to make them feel better, but surgery can be expensive.
If you need a little help covering the cost, look into Bekindfoundation!


There are many groups that exist to save and rescue abandoned, injured, or helpless animals.
You can join Bekindfoundation campaign to support awareness and donate for the helpless animals.


Depending on the type of dog you’re looking at buying or adopting, the fees and costs can be upwards of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
Bekindfoundation can help you adopt a pet. Soon you’ll be playing with an adorable puppy or a precious kitten!
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Be kind foundation

Created Mar 27, 2020 Nationwide

$10,250 of $100,000 goal

10% Raised by 2 Donations Charity